Geothermal energy - A valuable treasure from the ground

Heating and cooling with energy from the ground? It can be done! And we are experts in this field. Whether residential or office buildings, schools, hospitals or production facilities, we offer geothermal solutions for almost any type of building. What’s more, we offer expert knowledge in geothermal probe systems, energy piles and energy walls as well as special applications. In addition, we offer holistic management of any geothermal heat project. From consulting to completion – all from a single source. For an effective heating revolution.

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Services at a glance

Geothermal probe systems 

Large-scale geothermal probe systems – realized as turnkey projects – are our passion. With know-how and implementation skills, our specialists also can deliver customer-fit systems for entire neighborhoods or commercial units. Depending on the depth and number of the probes, a larger heating demand can be covered without a problem. Sounds cool? It literally is. After all, a geothermal probe system can be used either to heat or to cool the building. Warm in winter, cool in summer.

Energy piles and energy walls

Anchoring structures securely in the ground while extracting geothermal heat? No problem! We are able to ideally combine difficult soil conditions with high-quality energy piles or energy walls. This makes energy generation twice as attractive – the thermal activation of these components covers a large part of the heating demand with minimal additional costs. More importantly, it’s good for the environment and budget.

Special applications

Whether for industrial, commercial or rehabilitation projects, the use of excess energy requires skilled professionals. After all, every project involves individual needs and special requirements. As a full-service provider, we know exactly how to recover and store unused energy in the form of heating or cooling. And we develop special applications as customized or individual solutions, including heating pump technology and heat storage facilities.

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