Shaping the future

Stagnation? Not for us! We’re not content to wait until tomorrow, instead we're actively shaping the future today. Always enthusiastic, forward-thinking and pragmatic. Together, we tackle the big issues like sustainability or digitalization. We face these trends with innovative technologies, groundbreaking ideas and sustainable thinking. But that's far from all. There's lots more still to be done. And we're working full steam ahead.

Dr. Roman Breuer, CEO of Bauer Resources

Our actions today determine what the world will look like tomorrow. This is why we take on responsibility. For ourselves. For everyone. For the environment.” 

Dr. Roman Breuer


Sustainability is not just a concept for us: it is our passion. With our innovative solutions and services, we reduce environmental impact, conserve valuable resources and minimize our CO2 footprint. But that’s just the start. Above and beyond our core business, we are committed to the environment and take on responsibility for a green future.


Digitalization is constantly advancing. And changing the way we work. For us as well, the use of digital technologies is already a very important part of our everyday routines. From Building Information Modeling to digital surveying and automation all the way to data management and the Internet of things. The reason is apparent: They make construction projects more rapid, more efficient, more cost-effective and above all more transparent.

Networked engineering

Building Information Modeling

With the help of Building Information Modelling, BIM for short, we plan our construction sites from beginning to end. This allows us to visualize all processes using a 3D model, clarify all costs at a glance and save a great deal of time.

Precision without borders

Digital surveying

We use drones, mobile LIDAR sensors and rover rods for surveying excavation pits, excavated material or landfills. This allows us to assist not only BIM processes but also automated construction equipment. 

As if by magic


We use programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the engineering and construction process.

Smart information networking

Data management and Internet of Things

From IoT sensors and construction diaries to costs and analysis: using data management and Internet of Things, we can digitally collect, automatically link and analyze all relevant project data. 


Do we have a passion for progress? Oh yes – from day one. The passionate pursuit of innovation is part of our DNA. This is clear from a broad range of solutions. Whether the EcoVert® technology, the smart irrigation system Irri360°-AgriSystem or a software-based control panel for fully automated readjustment of shaft towers – we push the limits and set new standards.

A green heart


Sustainable, energy-efficient and low-emission: this is the promise of the EcoVert® technology developed by Bauer. It can be used to clean contaminated groundwater using a purely biological method, and all without the use of any chemicals or energy-intensive aeration systems. From large to small, custom sizes make it the perfect solution for every project and the whole spectrum of contaminants. Always safe and reliable.
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From the spring to the root


The irrigation system Irri360°-AgriSystem counteracts increasing periods of drought. How does it work? By increasing efficiency during irrigation, thereby saving water resources. Whether drums, circle sprinklers, above-ground or below-ground drip hoses: the type of irrigation doesn’t matter. The right quantity of water always reaches the root at the right time – that is truly smart.
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Everything in balance

Software for shaft towers

When headframes are rehabilitated or shaft towers are newly constructed, a specific approach is required each time. The technology for fully automated readjustment of shaft towers in disposal structures is just as unique: for this purpose, the tower and the underground shaft ceiling are moved onto flexible elastomers. Using hydraulic jacks and a software-based control system, both construction components can be realigned entirely automatically in case of earth movements. As a result, they are exactly horizontal at all times.
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