About Bauer Resources

Protecting and conserving resources is our passion. That’s because the environment is close to our hearts. We tackle this every day and create new opportunities with one-of-a-kind projects: whether in brownfield remediation, groundwater treatment or geothermal energy. The key to our success? Nothing more and nothing less than our employees. They are the brains behind our business. Always enthusiastic about new developments and ready for the future. As a reliable partner, we keep our word and find a solution for every task. We’re not afraid of any challenge. We are passionate about what we do.




Our shared values act as a compass and give our company a soul. We embody these values in our interactions with customers, partners or employees.

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BAUER Resources GmbH

BAUER-Strasse 1
Office location: In der Scherau 1
86529 Schrobenhausen, Germany

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