Subsidiaries – Strong together

Did you know that behind Bauer Resources we also have the strength of four subsidiaries and partner companies? Let us introduce you to: our strong company family.

Tobias Bangerter, Managing Director Bauer Resources

Our subsidiaries and partner companies make us one big family. We move mountains together – on our sites and during each individual project.”

Tobias Bangerter
Managing Director

Digging deep or flying high

Mining and infrastructure

For projects that head deep underground or high in the sky, our shaft engineers are in demand. Below ground level, they open up new drifts, excavate shafts or install innovative systems for pumping stations and sewage treatment plants. High overhead, they show their strengths in new building or repair: whether for crane tracks, bridges or other powerful support structures. What do all their services have in common? They improve standards and increase safety. For decades and for centuries.
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SPESA Spezialbau und Sanierung GmbH

Preserving value, creating new structures

Special construction and rehabilitation

Spesa is passionate about building and maintaining high-quality basic structures. Whether bridges, locks or tunnels – they reinforce all kinds of connections using new concrete. Thanks to their support, structures stand rock solid and shine in new splendor. Wherever transport routes, properties or buildings are endangered by falling rock, collapsing cliffs or landslides, they ensure enhanced safety. And during the shopping experience, they contribute to a new era through the revitalization of consumer markets.
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Moving water

Well construction

They design wells, extract water and arrange for its distribution. In this way, they ensure the water supply worldwide. With more than 100 years of experience, GWE produces the entire range of well materials from A to Z. Or they engineer high-performance pump systems and customized solutions for individual needs, including technical support. And keep water moving.

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Carbo-FORCE GmbH

Transformation that creates value

Carbonization plants

Converting residues, producing reusable materials – that’s what our partner company Carbo-FORCE stands for, and that’s what they work to achieve every day. Because this world is the only one we have. And it’s high time to fight climate change. That’s why this young startup has developed groundbreaking equipment for the carbonization of biomass. But what makes it unique? It’s simple: a one-of-a-kind method that overcomes the limits of conventional pyrolysis using partial oxidation.
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One family, many talents

One family, many talents

Each of our subsidiaries and partner companies contributes its unique qualities to the company and makes us one big family with many talents.

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