Groundwater treatment

How can contaminated groundwater be treated safely? With our extensive range of systems, from portable pilot systems on a rental basis to large-scale fixed installations. Our limits? Almost none. This is precisely where our systems show their strength. They feel at home in any location and reliably get rid of any contamination. What’s more, our newly developed EcoVert® technology is completely sustainable.

Icon Wasser
97 %
Cleaning performance
Icon Trinkwasser
1 - 40 m³/h
Water flow rate
Icon Elektrifizierung
30-40 %
Power savings
Icon Geld
35-60 %
Reduction in operating costs

Do you have groundwater polluted with PFAS?

Do you have groundwater polluted with PFAS?

We have the solution: powerful systems in all dimensions. Let us know what we can do for you.
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An impressively sustainable method

The centerpiece of the EcoVert® technology consists of two vertical bio filters. The contaminated water is pumped from the ground for treatment and cleaned from harmful substances by means of two filters with the aid of millions of microorganisms. The method is relatively simple but effective: The biological filter layers break down significantly more than 97 % of the organic materials, and the residual quantity is removed from the groundwater by the downstream sorption unit if necessary. Even complex groundwater can be safely cleaned – and all without the use of any chemicals or energy-intensive aeration systems. Groundwater treatment has never been this easy. Or this sustainable.

One method, various applications

Whether former refineries, gas works, filling stations, tank farms or contaminated deposits: The applications of EcoVert® technology are nearly unlimited. This innovative method conquers all common contaminants such as BTEX, MTBE, TPH, TPH (C10-C40), naphthalene, PAH, phenols, PKX, NSO heterocycles in groundwater. Sustainable, energy-efficient, and safe.

EcoVert®-laboratory container

Transforming theory into practice

Cost-effective and practical preliminary tests can be conducted on the smallest scale with our EcoVert® laboratory container. It effortlessly treats approx. 100 l of groundwater in a volume-controlled way in three vertical filter columns within three to seven days. The elimination rates and effectiveness can then be determined on this basis.

EcoVert®-pilot container

Putting it to the test

Is this the right method for my application? That’s exactly what we test with our 40” pilot container under real conditions. Directly on site at your premises. With a throughput time of roughly 2,500 l/d of water, the system is particularly useful for treatment of mixed water of different levels with testing over a period of at least three to six months.  


Mobile and usable right away

Flexible use, smaller water quantities and temporary measures – that’s what our EcoVert® Compact is ideal for. The compact system consists of a system container (20”) and two insulated vertical bio filters with a throughput of approx. 1.5 to 3.5 m3/h. Thanks to the modular design, it can be expanded for up to six filters with a flow rate of up to approx. 10 m3/h. Fast and cost-effective.

EcoVert®-Standard 15

Ideal for long-term operation

Our EcoVert® standard 15 is perfect for long-term rehabilitation projects, particularly where an onsite system is required for several years. Thanks to its capacity, the basic version easily manages 15 m3/h – and depending on the specific project it can handle much more. 

Big, bigger, biggest

Do you need a large-scale stationary plant? We would be happy to develop a custom groundwater treatment plant for your unique project.

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EcoVert®-technology – For sustainable groundwater treatment

Watch the video to find out how we make groundwater purification sustainable, energy-saving, low-emission and cost-efficient.

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