Sustainable disposal: Bauer Resources opens new soil treatment center in Weilheim

Weilheim, Germany – Hilly meadows, crystal-clear lakes and majestic Alpine mountains: Not only does the Upper Bavarian town of Weilheim in the Pfaffenwinkel region offer spectacular landscapes, it is now home to a new soil treatment center. In January, BAUER Resources GmbH commissioned the plant in Weilheim in cooperation with Schernthaner GmbH, thereby strengthening the circular economy in southern Germany. Following the “single-source” principle, this certified specialist is a partner for everything related to disposal and material flow management in the region of Upper Bavaria.

Complete package from removal to documentation
Over an area of more than 4,000 m2, the soil treatment plant will treat around 120,000 t of non-hazardous and hazardous mineral waste per year in the future. What makes this plant unique: Disposal specialists take care of transport away from the site as well as professional disposal of the waste. As a result, customers get a comprehensive full service package. Starting with the electronic detection process and logistics, all the way to processing and recycling of waste – including seamless documentation of every step. Large volumes can also be stored, protected from the weather, and treated thanks to the 2,000 m² hall.

Closing the circuit
Apart from the economic benefits, Bauer Resources is also closing a circuit in sustainability with this soil treatment center. This is evident on two different levels. “On the one hand, we extract as much as possible from all waste and thereby recycle as much material as we can,” explains Ulrich Morgenstern, Head of Disposal at BAUER Resources GmbH. In the process, the different waste volumes are analyzed down to the smallest detail and separated either manually or by machine from segments containing hazardous materials or impurities. This strategic processing creates a sustainable recyclable material that can be reused in a variety of ways, for example by the partner Schernthaner in landscaping. And on the other hand, there was a conscious decision to establish operations at an existing plant rather than constructing a new building on a different site. “We chose to continue operating this former used materials and recycling center because of our conviction that industrial and commercial sites are a very scarce resource,” emphasizes Ulrich Morgenstern and adds: “Recycling spaces is also important to us.”

Moving away from a single-use mentality
For Bauer Resources, the circular economy is not a new idea. “We have been pursuing this concept for decades already as a state approvedwaste management company. We want to move away from a single-use mentality towards recycling, towards intelligent material flow management. With our latest soil treatment center in Weilheim, we are another step closer to this goal,” says Ulrich Morgenstern in conclusion.


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