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Do you have uncontaminated soils, hazardous wastes or mixed materials? As a certified, state approved treatment facility, we are your reliable partner – for any task and any capacity – related to the treatment, storage, recovery and disposal of waste. We consider all disposal projects holistically. From consulting to disposal all the way to processing. At every stage, we always extract as much as possible and return as many materials as we can back into circulation. We want to move away from a single-use mentality towards recycling and intelligent material flow management. With our seven in-house soil treatment centers, we are committed to achieving this across Germany. From Weilheim to Hamburg. And also in the Austrian town of Weitwörth. 
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Waste management services at a glance

Overview of our locations

Soil treatment center Weilheim

Our newest location devoted to the circular economy 
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Soil treatment center Schrobenhausen

Enclosure, bacteria and co. in central Bavaria
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Soil treatment center Regensburg

Sustainable disposal by ship and train
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Soil treatment center Bleicherode

A wide variety of systems in the heart of Germany
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Soil treatment center Duisburg

Trimodal location with a view of the Rhein
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Soil treatment center Hirschfeld

Pioneer in an enormous space 
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Soil treatment center Hamburg

Northern disposal specialist with a green thumb
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Soil treatment center Weitwörth

In the countryside near Salzburg
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Ulrich Morgenstern
Head of Disposal & Material Flow Management